Why Us

Each student is assigned an advisor who will help guide you through the course selection, evaluate your preferences and help steer you to a career path just right for you.

Graduates of our college are well regarded by employers, who know our students have the knowledge and experience to succeed. In addition to classroom experience, our students received of field work, beginning their freshman year, where they apply their learnings.




Why Libraries Are Important to Student

Physical arrangement of books – whether on beautiful old mahogany wooden shelving, or modern metal frames, it means the books are all there in front of you in one space – the internet can’t do this in the same way. Some libraries can be stunning examples of layouts – such as the gorgeous old reference library in Westminster, which has two floors to it, with steps and ladders to get up there, book-lined walls, and just a wonderful air of tradition.

Community places where we can meet – you might bump into someone you know form the local area, chance meetings, friendships old and new.

About Us

Principal Message

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you all to the first self - financed college in Tanda Manpur , Shergarh- Bareilly, i.e. R.B. Degree College , Bareilly. It is an college where discipline and punctuality with conducive environment will provide quality education development in frontier areas of lattest technology.

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